The Journey is Yours

– Recognize when things are done well rather than criticize when things are done wrong. Amplify the positive –
   Simon Sinek

As a freelance musician, I know what it takes to keep the passion for the music alive.
I know how easy it is to let go of the vibrant energetic wonderment of music and settle for what brings money with a day job.
However, this a great time to be alive!
This is the time where we do not need to give up on our dreams as there are many other ways to use the improvement of the Technicum to our advantage.
The phones we carry in our pocket every day and the laptop on which we write our emails have much more to them than meets the eye. We just aren’t aware of the immense amount of possibilities. And as for performing artists, we have been focussing for years in a different direction.
But I believe that knowing more about the possibilities of the Technicum could Insure our Passion to Ensure our Art.
That is why I started an online business myself in the summer of 2018. This has brought me immense freedom in all aspects of life. Being able to work (earn an income) from anywhere in the world is the perfect fit for a freelance artist. If you are curious and want to know more about how to create the lifestyle in which you can take back your freedom and be the freelance artist you always wanted to be, do not hesitate to contact me or visit my website:
meneka senn the journey is yours